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Please prepare 2 minute monolouge and be prepared to do a cold reading


Ever wonder what goes on at a small-town city council meeting? In Hendricks, they're looking for a murderer. Mayor Kathleen Lyles boldly announces that the meeting will be more like a coroner's jury than the usual round of arguments. Not only was a man murdered, but he was an employee of the IRS. "Somehow I don't feel that bad!" Carl Johansen says, as the sheriff clamps the cuffs on him, making him the prime suspect. Slowly it becomes apparent the entire city council had seen the man, and each of them seems to be hiding something. Who murdered the stranger? Was it Cora Sedgewick, who was still dizzy at the time from stepping on a rake and being thumped in the face with its handle? Or newspaper editor King, who's right on the spot to report the facts, if he could only find a pencil? Or maybe the mayor herself, who was doing her laundry in the back of city hall? This easy-to-stage intrigue is chock-full of small-town characters and hilarious dialogue. And, as an added bonus, it can be produced as an audience participation mystery where the audience can not only see the scene of the crime but also question the suspects.

​Cast Breakdown

An Audience Participation Mystery Comedy

KATHLEEN LYLES. mayor of Hendricks, rather stylish, 45
EDDIE KING, editor of the Hendricks Herald, pushy, brash, mid-30s
LYDIA KLEFT, secretary at city hall, mousey, 25
WESLEY THORNE, the sheriff, built like a one-time football player, 30
CARL JOHANSEN, a sarcastic citizen, around 40
MATTIE JOHANSEN, Carl’s wife, a no-nonsense type, 30
CORA SEDGEWICK, the epitome of the nosy neighbor, mid-50s
DR. EFREM BISHOP, standard country doctor, quarrelsome man, around 55
EVELYN MARTINDALE, drama teacher with an eye for what’s correct and an ear for when ifs not, 30 


Bat Boy

Please prepare 16-32 bars in the style of the show, but not from the show. Please bring sheet music as an accompanist will be provided.

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Bat Boy: The Musical was inspired by a series of tabloid headlines published in 1992 by The Weekly World News claiming that a terrifying creature, half-man and half-bat, had been discovered in a cave, escaped, and was being pursued by government officials. In Farley, Flemming, and O’Keefe’s musical rendering of the story, a group of spelunking West Virginian teenagers discover the creature near Hope Falls. For lack of a better solution, the sheriff brings him to the local veterinarian (Dr. Parker’s) home, where he begins to assimilate to human life and become a part of the Parker family while trying to keep his penchant for sucking human blood under control. Meredith, Dr. Parker’s wife, and Shelley, his daughter, become increasingly close with the creature, whom they name Edgar, while Dr. Parker becomes more and more wary of his assimilation into the human world. When Edgar tries to ingratiate himself with the townfolk of Hope Falls, he is quickly rejected, and he and Shelley (who fall in love) run away together. After a single night of joyous freedom, tragedy strikes when Meredith finds them and reveals the dark secret of Bat Boy’s origin. With a beat-driven rock score that pays homage to the rock musicals of the late ‘60s and early ‘70s, Bat Boy provides a compelling theatrical metaphor for the dangers of prejudice, intolerance, and provincialism.

Casting Breakdown
Bat Boy/Edgar: Half bat/half human being who struggles to find his place in a discriminating society, the role demands physicality and the ability to express a wide range of emotions, must have a great voice and good comic timing. Vocal Range: Tenor
Dr. Thomas Parker: Meredith’s husband, a Vet and the father of Shelley, a socially-respected man who can quickly become quite twisted and insane, must be a strong actor with a strong singing voice. Vocal Range: Baritone/Tenor
Meredith Parker: Wife of Doctor Parker whose compassionate and loving nature leads her to take in and care for the Bat Boy, has a sad past, must be able to show three clear relationships on stage - one with her husband, one with her daughter and one with the Bat Boy. Vocal Range: Alto (with a bit of belt)
Shelley Parker: An innocent, immature and slightly rebellious teenager, has the strength to stand up for what she believes in as she grows in understanding through the show, must be able to express a wide range of emotions as this character carries much of the comedy and tragedy in the story. Vocal Range: Mezzo
Mrs. Taylor: The mother of the three children who all die tragic deaths, must have excellent comic timing. Must be able to sing harmony parts and solos. Vocal Range: Soprano or Mezzo
Sheriff Reynolds: A local law-man who tries to keep everyone happy at the same time, quite concerned with up-coming elections, must be able to sing and act well (and move a bit). Vocal Range: Baritone
The Reverend Billy Hightower: Tenor
Pan: Tenor
Rick Taylor: Tenor
Ron Taylor: Baritone
Ruthie Taylor: Mezzo
Ranchers - Dillon/Bud/Ned/Roy/Clem
Mayor Maggie
Seeking a diverse and dynamic ensemble to bring this comedic show to life.
Should you have any questions please email