The Barnstormers Theater  "The oldest continuously operating community theater in Pennsylvania..."

Dear fellow thespians and theater lovers:

     Welcome to The Barnstormers, Pennsylvania’s oldest and the nation’s third oldest, continuously operating community theater. We are proud to be a part of the Ridley Park, Delaware County and suburban Philadelphia area.

     As the African proverb states: “It takes a village to raise a child”; this also holds true in Community theater.  A production is like a child. From the time it is conceived until the time it is presented, it takes a host of people to nurture it and bring it to life. Just as a village is diverse in culture and backgrounds, so is Community Theater.  At The Barnstormers, we are in the true sense of the word a “Community” theater.  Founded as an all-volunteer organization in 1908, we have had the pleasure of having directors, actors and technical people of all ages and backgrounds help bring theater alive.

      For over 107 years and over 600 performances, The Barnstormers have worked hard to provide you, our audience, with a well-rounded theater season from the wild and edgy The Rocky Horror Show to Shakespeare’s classics and premiering original works such as Shakespeare in the Trailer Park, Angel in the Park and many others. We are glad that we can continue to support new playwrights and their works along with the classics.

     As a village spreads out and grows, so does The Barnstormers with a long history of participating in competitions and having winning awards for Acting, Directing, and Technical Excellence at the State, Regional and International levels.  Not only does The Barnstormers, put on live performances but we also participate in the Community Farmers Market, 4th of July celebration, Victorian Fair, and the Main Street celebration. We welcome all people regardless of their experience as volunteers.  So please consider volunteering and help us keep the arts alive.

     We hope you will enjoy browsing our website and consider making The Barnstormers your “home” community theater.

L. J. "Buzz" DiSabatino
L. J. "Buzz" DiSabatino
President, The Barnstormers

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